Caitlin Karolczak

CaitlinKarolczak was born on Minnesota’s Iron Range.

Karolczakreceived a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Art History with an emphasis in 19thcentury medical photography from the University of MN Twin Cities.  Subsequently she founded her studio in NEMinneapolis where she first began to paint in oils.  Through repeated experimentation and personal study she has become self-taught in different classical painting techniques.

In addition topainting Karolczak pursues installation, sculpture, and performance art often incorporatingobjects of biology and antiquity fromher personal collection.   

Karolczak has exhibited internationally in Bogotá, Minneapolis, NYC, Vancouver, Miami, Europe and more.  Her work is in numerous collections across theUS, Australia, South America, UK, Canada, Israel & South Africa.  She has been interviewed by art publicationsin Australia, South America, Croatia, & the USA.   

Besides her Minneapolis studio she alsoworks out of a space in Brooklyn for several weeks out of the year.